Sherman's latest book, Fish Wrapped: True Confessions of Newsrooms Past, a collection of writings from many of the country's best journalists, is not available for pre-order and will be released in May. He conceived, commissioned and edited the book that peels back the cover of the more ribald and exciting days before the industry imploded and when Canadian newspapers were still newspapers and journalism was a singular career.

His new novel, The Situation Womb,  the story of an aging solo artist and songwriter who has to choose between continuing her music career and coming to the aid of her estranged daughter who is wrestling with an unwanted pregnancy, will be released in 2021. Both books are published by Guernica Editions.

His first novel, The Alcoholic's Daughter, is the tale of a man trying to deal with his abusive partner and discovers the justice system offers little justice to a man confronted by an emotionally unstable partner.

Sherman has also created a blog, titled You're Going to Die. Live With it. Views of Jaundiced Eyes, a colletion of short pieces about, well anything and everything, from a collection of writer friends and colleagues.



Sherman is workshopping two plays, a one-hander titled My Guitar Don't Weep with music and original songs that he wrote for Theatre Morin Heights and is scheduled for production in spring 2020.

Another piece, Nickey's Café: Stories of Lost Valley, had parts of it introduced in a public reading as part of Journée de la culture, also in Morin Heights, Sept. 28. The play, is being developed by invitation of Infinitheatre's Playwrights Unit in Montreal.

Sherman is the author of four plays, Have a Heart, produced by Centaur Theatre, where he was writer-in residence; The Daily Miracle, about the disintegration of the newspaper industry; Joe Louis: An American Romance, the dramatization of the champion boxer's confrontation with racism and celebrity and Lost & Found, a musical he performed, also with original songs, backed by Andrew Cowan, Stephen Barry and John McColgan, with musical direction from Erik West Millette. These were produced by Montreal's Infinitheatre and artistic director Guy Sprung, where he was also playwright-in-residence.


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